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Commercial Flooring

Facts and information about commercial flooring installations. Includes cleaning and maintenance tips for flooring in high traffic areas.

Commercial Flooring Considerations
A look at the different considerations you need to account for when choosing commercial flooring

Commercial Brick Flooring In High Traffic Areas
A look at the different characteristics of brick flooring that effect its performance in high traffic commercial locations.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl is a relatively durable commercial flooring application which can be put to good use in mid and high traffic locations. However the quality, type, and manufacturing integrity of the material will determine how well it will hold up over time.

Commercial Bamboo Flooring Information
A look at the options available for people seeking to use bamboo flooring materials in commercial and high traffic situations.

Cork Flooring In Public Locations
A look at cork flooring and its usage in a various commercial and public locations.

Commercial Laminate Flooring
There are a number of considerations that you have to be aware of when choosing laminate flooring for high traffic public locations.

The Impact Of Flooring On Real Estate Values
Flooring is an important architectural element that can have a powerful impact on the resale value of your home.

Unique Pure Glass Flooring Installations
Glass is a unique architectural feature, which can evoke intriguing design options, when used as flooring and stair tread materials.

Eco Friendly Commercial Flooring
An in depth look at a variety of ecologically friendly commercial flooring options.

Rubber Garage Flooring
Rubber flooring is a heavy duty surface covering material, that is often used in garage applications. This article considers details such as car weight, environmental temperature, and stain factors when choosing the right type of rubber floor material for this space.

Commercial Rubber Flooring
An in depth look at the use of rubber flooring tiles and sheet material in a variety of high traffic commercial and public locations.

Commercial Flooring For Senior Citizens
A look at the special considerations required when choosing commercial flooring for spaces that will be used by elderly patients or relatives.

The 5 Best Pet Friendly Commercial Flooring Options
An exploration of various types of flooring materials that are suitable for animal friendly commercial locations such as boarding houses, veterinarian's offices and pet stores.

Comfortable Retail Flooring Solutions
Choosing comfortable flooring that sets potential customers at ease is especially important for physical retail locations.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Options
A look at the best flooring options for commercial kitchens in restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, and delis.

Commercial Flooring For Kids
A look at appropriate flooring options for schools, nurseries, day care centers, and other public locations frequented by children.

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