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Flooring Pros and Cons

An examination of different types of flooring materials, looking at a wide range of characteristics in order to lay out the benefits and drawbacks of each. Factors explored include the durability, price, ecological impact, and comfort of the flooring material.

The Pros and Cons of Mosaic Glass Tile Flooring
The benefits and drawbacks of mosaic glass tiles when used in flooring installations throughout the home and in commercial properties.

The Benefits and Drawbacks Of Bamboo Floors
A comparative look at the positive benefits and the negative drawbacks of natural bamboo flooring

Pros and Cons of Resilient Vinyl Flooring
The advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring in residential and commercial applications.

Rubber Flooring Tiles: The Price of Durability
There are a number of advantages, and disadvantages, to installing a rubber floor in an interior space. This article looks at the different characteristics and what they might mean to you.

Laminate Flooring Information – The Good News and The Bad News
There are a number of benefits to using laminate flooring, but there are also a variety of drawbacks that you should be aware of.

An In Depth Look At Concrete Flooring
A guide to the benefits and drawbacks of using a concrete floor in various interior and exterior locations.

Solid Bamboo, Engineered Bamboo, and Strand Woven Bamboo Floors
A comparison of strand woven, engineered, and solid bamboo floors, including the various processes used to manufacture them and the characteristics of the final material.

Bamboo and Wood Flooring: A Side By Side Comparison
Which is better, bamboo or hardwood? In this article we look at the advantages and disadvantages of each, and spell them out for you side by side.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Prefinished Hardwood Floors
Pre-finished hardwood flooring offers a number of advantages, and disadvantages, to those looking to install it in interior locations.

Resilient Vinyl Flooring Vs Linoleum Tile Installations
A comparative look at Vinyl and Linoleum flooring, analyzing their various characteristics and looking at their appropriate uses.

The Pros and Cons of Brick Flooring
There are many advantages that you get when you install brick surface covering pavers. However there are also numerous drawbacks, from inherent porosity to uncomfortable hardness.

Carpet Vs Hardwood - The Great Showdown
A close, side by side look at carpet, and hardwood flooring. Carpet is much softer, but hardwood is lower maintenance and can last much longer. Which would you choose?

Cork Flooring Pros and Cons
Cork flooring has a variety of advantages, including being eco-friendly, soft underfoot, and it can even help insulate a room. But it is also quite easy to scratch, dent, and damage.

Vinyl Wood Floors Compared To Hardwood
Vinyl hardwood flooring is a manufactured man made material which can be printed to simulate the look of natural hardwoods. In this article we compare the vinyl to the real thing, and look at the differences between them.

Sandstone Flooring Pros and Cons
A detailed look at the benefits and drawbacks of using sandstone floor tiles in a variety of locations.

Natural Stone And Ceramic Hard Tile Compared
A comparison of glazed and unglazed ceramic floor tiles to a variety of natural stone materials, including a look at maintenance, durability, and decorative considerations.

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