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Basement Floors

Information pertaining to a wide range of bathroom flooring materials. Includes facts about different types of flooring installations, as well as cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks.

Basic Basement Flooring Options
A look at different basement flooring options

Waterproofing a Brick Basement Floor
How to protect a brick basement floor against water damage

Bamboo Flooring in a Basement
A look at the different things you have to consider when you decide to install a bamboo floor in a sub grade basement location

Cork Flooring In Basements and Below Grade Installations
Is cork flooring appropriate for basements? In this article we look at the advantages, and the numerous disadvantages of this material in below grade installations.

Concrete Basement Floor Slabs
The concrete surface in an unfinished basement can be treated to give it a finished, attractive look.

Vinyl Basement Flooring
Vinyl flooring is an appropriate option for basements because it is durable, waterproof, and easy to maintain.

Linoleum Basement Floors
Basement flooring has to be able to handle a number of unique environmental hazards in order to be effective. This article looks at linoleum and rates how well it stands up in below grade installations.

Ceramic Tile Basement Floors
An in depth look at ceramic flooring and its use in basements, and other below grade installations.

Low Maintenance Basement Flooring Options
An overview of some of the different challenges that can face basement flooring, as well as a list of low maintenance, hassle free flooring solutions for below grade locations.

The Most Comfortable Finished Basement Floors

Eco Friendly Basement Flooring Options
An in depth look at several of the most ecologically friendly basement and below grade floors that are available.

Longest Lasting Basement Floors
There are several highly durable basement flooring options available which can withstand the rigors of subterranean locations for years.

Family Friendly Finished Basement Flooring
A list of family friendly finished basement flooring options that can turn a subterranean cave into a comfy cove.

Inexpensive Options For Flooring In Basements
The right basement flooring can completely transform the space. in this article we look at a variety of low cost options that can dramatically improve the quality of a below grade environment.

Rubber Flooring For Basements
Rubber tile is a resilient, durable, and stain resistant flooring material that can withstand the rigors of a below grade basement environment.

Brick Basement Floor Coverings
A look at some of the important precautions that need to be taken, when installing brick pavers in a basement environment.

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