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Bathroom Floors

Information on different bathroom flooring types, including comparisons of cost, durability, and safety in a wet environment. Also includes floor cleaning and maintenance information.

Bathroom Floor Tile
A look at the different characteristics necessary for bathroom flooring materials.

Linoleum Bathroom Flooring Considerations
A look at the characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks to installing Linoleum in a bathroom.

Vinyl Bathroom Flooring Materials
Is vinyl flooring right for your bathroom? While it is resilient and water resistant, there are some factors that you need to know about before choosing this flooring material for your home.

Brick Bathroom Flooring Information
Information about using brick flooring pavers in a bathroom location. Includes details about safety considerations, design options, and maintenance issues.

Bamboo Bathroom Floors
A look at whether bamboo can be used safely and effectively as a flooring material for bathrooms.

Cork Flooring For Bathrooms
An in depth look at cork flooring, and whether it is appropriate in humid, moist, bathroom environments.

Concrete Bathroom Flooring
There are two major types of concrete flooring you can use in a bathroom, one involves utilizing the existing slab, and the other uses a microtopping treatment to create a new bathroom surface.

The Challenges Facing Hardwood Flooring In Bathrooms
Hardwood flooring is a beautiful choice in a variety of locations, but in a wet environment like a bathroom it can pose a number of challenges.

Ceramic Bathroom Floor Tiles
Ceramic flooring is a common choice in bathrooms because it is able to withstand many of the stains and rigors which this moist environment can impose.

Laminate Bathroom Flooring
Laminates are generally a terrible idea in a bathroom as the humidity and moisture will quickly warp them. However they may be appropriate in some situations.

Mosaic Glass Flooring In a Bathroom
Mosaic glass tile flooring can be effectively used in bathrooms, due to the fact that these materials are impervious to moisture penetration, and are easy to care for and maintain.

Low Maintenance Bathroom Flooring Options
In this article we take an in depth look at a variety of low maintenance, easy to clean bathroom flooring options.

Ecologically Friendly Bathroom Flooring
The use of ecologically viable flooring materials in a bathroom can help to create a sense of serenity and natural peace within this setting.

Family Friendly Bathroom Flooring
A look at some of the important characteristics that a family bathroom floor needs to have, in order to deal with the stains, hazards, and damage that can arise in this space.

Budget Bathroom Floor Ideas
A look at several inexpensive bathroom floor options that can completely remake the look of the room.

Durable Bathroom Flooring Options
A look at various highly durable flooring choices that are suitable for bathroom installations.

The Trouble With Terracotta In Bathrooms
An investigation of terracotta flooring and its possible use in certain low traffic bathroom environments.

Sandstone Bathroom Tiles
A high level of absorption means that sandstone bathroom flooring will require constant maintenance in the form of a chemical sealing process, making it a poor choice for these environments.

Stylish Bathroom Flooring Options
A tour of decorative bathroom flooring options, including images, and detailed information about the use of various materials in this location.

Bathroom Carpet Ideas and Information
Carpeting may seam like a warm and comforting bathroom flooring choice, but it has several major drawbacks when used in wet or humid environments.

Senior Friendly Bathroom Flooring
Bathroom can be dangerous places, especially for elderly people who can sustain serious injury if they slip and fall. Choosing the right bathroom flooring can help to prevent some of these hazards.

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