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Floor Cleaning

Secrets for getting your floors spotless. Cleaning tips for hardwood, tile, laminate, marble, and carpet flooring installations.

Cleaning Tile Grout
Tips and tricks for cleaning set in mildew out of the grout lines in your bathroom.

Cleaning Beer and Wine Stains Out of Carpeting
Cleaning beer and wine stains from your carpets

Cleaning Mildew From Brick Flooring
How to clean mildew stains from a brick floor

Cleaning Your Cork Floor
Information on how to clean and care for your cork floor, in any room in the house.

How To Clean Bamboo Flooring
Information about cleaning and caring for the bamboo floors in your home.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors: Proper Care Instructions
Instructions for cleaning and caring for a hardwood floor installation

Cleaning Gum From Your Carpet
This article lays out a variety of methods for removing gum successfully from a carpet, hopefully without staining it in the process.

Instructions For Steam Cleaning Hardwood Floors
Everything you need to know about steam cleaning hardwood flooring, including dangers, precautions, and the different problems that can arise from employing this method.

Cleaning Pet Stains From Your Carpet
A number of techniques which will help you to clean pet urine stains from your carpeting, and eliminate any odors associated with them.

How To Clean Linoleum Floors
Complete care and maintenance instructions for cleaning a linoleum floor, using either household detergents, or all natural cleaning products.

Cleaning a Brick Floor
Detailed step by step instructions for cleaning and maintaining a brick floor.

How To Clean a Laminate Floor
Detailed step by step instructions for cleaning and caring for a laminate flooring installation.

Cheap and Easy Floor Cleaning Secrets
There are numerous inexpensive methods that you can use to effectively clean and sanitize almost any floor.

Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaning Products
A compilation of tips and tricks that you can use to clean your floors in an ecologically friendly way.

How To Clean Rubber Flooring Tiles
It's not difficult to clean and care for rubber flooring tiles, but there are some important things that you need to know so that you don't permanently stain them by accident.

Cleaning Chocolate Stains From a Carpet
Complete instructions for removing and cleaning a set in chocolate stain from your carpet, including advanced methods for set in stains.

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