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Floor Pictures

A wide range of pictures depicting various flooring installations. Images show flooring in every room in the home, and includes depictions of a wide range of flooring materials in multiple colors, shades, and hues.

Bedroom Floor Images and Picture Gallery
A collection of bedroom flooring pictures, showing several different bedroom styles, paired with a variety of floor surface covering materials.

Bamboo Flooring Pictures and Design Ideas

Vinyl Flooring Picture Gallery
An image gallery containing a collection of pictures of vinyl floor installations in various environments.

Rubber Flooring Pictures, Examples, and Inspirations
A variety of pictures of rubber flooring installations in various interior spaces.

Cork Flooring Pictures and Image Gallery
A picture of cork flooring installations in various rooms throughout the interior of a home.

Laminate Flooring Image and Design Gallery
Laminate flooring can replicate a variety of natural hardwood, and solid stone tile materials. The following images display the design capabilities of this versatile floor material.

Pictures of Concrete Flooring Surface Treatments

Dining Room Flooring Pictures
A gallery of pictures showing a variety of dining room flooring options including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, brick, and even concrete.

Hardwood Flooring Photo Gallery
A collection of hardwood flooring pictures featuring this unique material in a variety of decorative setting and styles

Parquet Flooring Picture Gallery
Parquet flooring is a beautiful and exotic union of natural hardwood features and man made patterns and artistic design. In this image gallery we explore pictures of a variety of parquet flooring installations.

Ceramic Floor Designs And Possibilities
An exquisite collection of ceramic flooring pictures, featuring this versatile material in numerous locations and decorative arrangements.

Bathroom Flooring Pictures: Images and Inspirations
A collection of images depicting a variety of flooring choices installed in several different style bathroom settings.

Porch Flooring Picture Gallery
A collection of images showing various porches, each with different flooring materials installed. Both interior and exterior porch locations are included.

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