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natural bamboo pictures
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When choosing bamboo flooring for an architectural project it is important to understand the different choices that are available to you. Features such as color, grain, and pattern will all have a dramatic impact on how the final installation looks. You can often get a good idea of the different bamboo options just by visiting your local retail flooring store.

However you also want to understand how various types of bamboo will look in different environments. The color of the walls, the ceiling, and other architectural features in a space can have a dramatic impact on the way your flooring looks. The best way to get a sense for this is to try and look at as many pictures of bamboo installed in real interior spaces, as you possibly can.

The following pages contain a variety of images of bamboo floors, installed in different environments, and matched to a number of different styles and decors. Use this both as a guide, and as a source of inspiration when making your own bamboo flooring choices.

A Complete Beginners Guide to Bamboo Floors

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