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Mottled Brown Stained Concrete Kitchen Floor
stained concrete
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Concrete is an extremely durable, long lasting, low maintenance material. In most buildings a concrete slab is part of the foundation of the structure, and the surface of this material can often be found lurking beneath other floor coverings. In its natural state concrete has a grayish color that is slightly mottled, with the exact shade being determined by the chemical composition of the mix, the environmental factors present, and the speed at which is set.

However there are a number of treatments that can be used to enhance the surface appearance of a concrete floor. Many of these will provide additional protection for the concrete, sealing it against water penetration and forming an easy to clean layer over the core of the already durable slab structure. Depending on the state of the material and the treatment used, you can actually achieve a wide variety of exotic effects with most concrete surfaces.

In the picture above you see a concrete kitchen floor that has been stained with a mottled brown surface treatment. Concrete is great in kitchens because it can be made impervious to water and most staining agents, which means that it is very low maintenance. The use of mixed colors as opposed to solids also helps to hide the presence of dirt to some extent.

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