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Floor Buying Advice

A detailed look at a variety of flooring supplies including materials, tools, and accessories. Reviews of different products that can be used in the installation, cleaning, and maintenance of your floors.
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Natural Slate - Tile Dealers Versus Chain Hardware Stores
Information about the difference between buying slate from a delaer and a chain hardware store

Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide
Everything you need to know to be able to make an informed decision when purchasing a bamboo floor

Buying Rubber Floors: Style and Options
All of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision when purchasing rubber flooring materials.

Sheet Versus Tile Vinyl Floors
There are a lot of differences between vinyl tiles and vinyl sheet flooring. These can make a big difference in how the floor holds up under different traffic patterns and in various environments.

A Guide To Purchasing Laminate Floors
Important facts and information that you need to know about laminate flooring.

Concrete Flooring Color, Texture, and Design Options
This article looks at the different style and design options that are available with a concrete floor including epoxy, pigmentation and acid staining techniques.

Calculating the Cost of a Brick Floor Project
A handy guide detailing the formulas you need to use to use in order to determine how much your brick flooring installation project will cost.

Hardwood Floors: Size, Shape, Finish and Grade
A look at the various options you should consider when purchasing a hardwood floor including grade, hardness, and species.

Decorative Paint Treatments For Hardwood Floors
In this article we explore the various decorative paint techniques that can be used on hardwood flooring installations.

Flooring Advice For Senior Citizens
When considering flooring for senior citizens, you have to look at both the safety of the material, and how much maintenance it will require to keep it clean.

Buying Ceramic Floor Tile
Ceramic flooring can be a wonderful choice for a variety of environments. This guide introduces you to some of the options available, and breaks down the different issues you should be concerned with before making a purchase.

Laminate Bathroom Flooring Information
Since it was first developed, laminate flooring has been a bad idea in bathroom locations. However, some modern manufacturing techniques are producing materials which can withstand the challenges of this space with surprising endurance.

How To Purchase Mosaic Glass Floor Tiles
Mosaic glass floor tiles are a popular choice in a variety of locations. In this article I discuss the important considerations you need to factor in when considering which glass tiles to purchase.

Bamboo Flooring Prices
There are several different types of bamboo flooring which you can purchase, and each has its own cost. In this article we explore these different options, and the costs associated with them.

Where To Buy Cork Flooring
An in depth look at everything you need to know about purchasing cork flooring materials including shopping considerations, prices, and possible drawbacks.

Buying Terracotta Flooring Tiles
Useful advice for anyone looking to purchase terracotta floor tiles for their home or commercial location.

Inside Information On Buying Sandstone Floor Tiles
Definitive information on purchasing sandstone flooring tiles, including real prices, numbers, and insider tips that will help you get the right material for your application.

Everything You Need To Know About Slate Flooring Tiles
If you are looking to purchase natural slate tile flooring then this guide has all of the information you need, from the cost of slate flooring to maintenance and cleaning instructions.

Important Information About Attic Flooring Options
Not every attic can have flooring installed in it, and not every type of flooring is suitable for this elevated space. Find out what you need to know before making a mistake tat could compromise your home's structural integrity.

ASTM Standards For Natural Stone Flooring
A look at the characteristics of natural stone flooring which ASTM International focuses on when testing and rating these materials.

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