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How To Install Marble Floor Tiles


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Custom Cutting Tile Pieces
tiling wet saw
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In most marble flooring installations you will need custom cut pieces in order to stretch the floor out to meet the walls. You will also need to fit tiles around architectural features in the room, as well as permanent appliances and equipment. The way to do this is with the use of a wet saw.

A small wet saw will cost around $100 dollars, and will be able to handle basic straight cuts on 12” tiles or smaller. Larger commercial saws are also available which can cut much larger, thicker materials. In some cases you may be able to rent a wet saw for the day from a local hardware store.

A wet saw works by spraying water on the material, as you run it through a spinning table saw blade. The water helps to keep the blade cool and the cuts smooth as it moves through the marble. With a basic wet saw you will only be able to make straight cuts, slicing tiles into smaller squares or rectangles. There are also pieces available that can assist in the cutting of diagonal triangle shaped pieces.

Marble is a very delicate material and you have to move very slowly as you cut each piece. It is very easy to end up cracking, damaging, or completely shattering a tile that you are trying to make a tiny cut on. For this reason some people prefer to measure the floor and purchase materials already cut up by the supplier. This is especially true if you need round or angled pieces cut into the material.

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