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Living Room Floors

Information about every aspect of Living Room Floors. Includes guides to cleaning different types of living room floors, maintenance, repair information, and comparative buying guides.

Basic Living Room Flooring Considerations
An overview of living room floors including functional and stylish considerations.

Cork Living Room Floor Tiles
information about cork flooring and its usage in a living room, family room, or den

Brick Living Room Flooring Ideas
Information about brick flooring in a living room, den, or family room setting including style and design considerations.

Bamboo Living Room Flooring - Images, Inspirations, and Ideas
Bamboo is a wonderful and versatile flooring material that is often used in living rooms thanks to its ability to fit almost any style or design. In this article we look at a variety of pictures and explore some of the considerations you should take into mind before choosing a bamboo material for your living room or den.

Laminate Living Room Flooring Pictures
A variety of pictures featuring laminate flooring materials in living rooms with a variety of styles and decorative focuses.

Concrete Flooring In Social Settings
Concrete floors are somewhat hard, and can be cold. But with the right treatments and styles these surfaces can be dressed up to mesh perfectly with a variety of living room styles.

Vinyl Living Room Floors
An exploration of vinyl flooring in living rooms, family rooms, and dens.

Hardwood Living Room Flooring Ideas
Hardwood flooring in living rooms, dens, and family rooms, including design considerations and maintenance options.

Linoleum Floors In Living Rooms
Linoleum flooring is not often used in a living room, but it does provide you with a variety of unique benefits in this area.

Hardwood Flooring In Living Rooms: A Journey Through Flooring Designs
A collection of pictures featuring living rooms with a variety of hardwood flooring installations

Hardwood Living Room Flooring Gallery
Another beautiful collection of pictures, featuring dens, living rooms, and family areas, with various types of hardwood flooring installed.

Ceramic Tiles For Living Room Floors
Ceramic tile is a functional flooring choice for living rooms, due to the fact that it is low maintenance, durable, and comes in a wide variety of design options.

Living Room Carpeting Ideas
Carpeting is a popular choice for living room flooring due to its soft, comfortable feel. But there are some concerns about the ability to really get carpet clean.

Low Maintenance Living Room Flooring
An exploration of several low maintenance, easy to clean flooring options which are popular in living room settings.

Family Room Flooring: Basic Considerations
A family room is a space that is designed to draw people together. This article explores how flooring can help promote that agenda.

Pet Friendly Living Room Flooring Options
Pets can cause a lot of wear and tear on your floors. This article looks at options that will be proof against claws, paws, and other problems.

The Best Living Room Flooring For Kids
Some floors are more family friendly than others. In this article, we explore a number of flooring options that are great for families with kids.

Rubber Tile Living Room Floor Ideas
The introduction of new design and texture options is making rubber living room flooring an increasingly popular choice in many homes.

Porch Flooring Options
Most porches have pressure treated pine planks as the flooring surface, but there are a numerous alternative material choices which can be employed in both interior and exterior spaces.

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