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Types of Flooring

An overview of the different flooring options which are available to homeowners today. Here we explore the various types of tile, hardwood, laminate, and recycled materials which can be used, as well as the pros and cons of each.

A Guide To Natural Stone Tile Flooring
A complete overview of natural stone tiles. Includes important questions to ask your dealer, care and maintenance instructions, and the differences between various natural materials that are available for flooring applications.

An Overview of Carpet Choices
A look at the different types of carpets that you can get, including loop pile, and split pile carpeting options. It also discusses the benefits and drawbacks of each fiber style.

A Complete Guide To Natural Cork Flooring
An overview of everything you need to know about natural cork flooring.

An Overview of Brick Flooring
A look at different types of brick flooring options

All Natural Linoleum Flooring
Characteristics, design, and installation considerations when choosing linoleum flooring

Marble Flooring Information
A beginners guide to marble flooring, including information on how pricing, maintenance, and cleaning considerations. A must read for anyone who is considering installing a marble floor.

Marble Floor Tile Options
A look at the different options that are available when choosing marble floors

Basic Information About Bamboo Flooring
A complete guide to natural bamboo flooring

Residential Vinyl Floor Tile
An overview of information you need

Basic Laminate Flooring Information
Basic background information about laminate floors including history, applications, and structural flooring info.

An Overview of Concrete Flooring
A general look at concrete flooring materials including background information, material make-up, and both commercial and residential applications

Hardwood Flooring Information: A Beginner’s Overview
Natural hardwood flooring information, including basic maintenance and care instructions.

A History Of Floors - Part One
This article explores the ancient history of flooring, from the Egyptians and their pyramids, through the Roman Empire, and their invention of below surface radiant heating.

A History Of Floor Surface Coverings - Part Two
This article continues our exploration of the history of floors, following the development of carpet, ceramics, and some modern materials such as Rubber and Linoleum.

The History of Flooring - Part 3
This article looks at the history of hardwood flooring, and the history of concrete as a flooring material. This is the third part in an ongoing series.

Parquet Wood Flooring
Parquet flooring is a type of hardwood that uses tiny pieces of natural material to create repeating patterns of human artistry. This article explores some basic background information about this unique flooring option.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Overview
Ceramic flooring is a powerful, low maintenance, versatile flooring material. In this article we explore some of the options that are available, as well as maintenance and care issues.

Hardwood Flooring Information
A complete look at wood and hardwood flooring options, including maintenance issues, cost, design possibilities, and functional options that are available to you.

Ceramic Tile Flooring
An in depth exploration of ceramic flooring tiles, including information about how to care for them, where they should best be used, and numerous design ideas for ceramic tile floor projects.

Mosaic Glass Tile Flooring
In this article I explore some general information about mosaic glass tile flooring installations including maintenance, installation, and design details.

Floating Bamboo Flooring
Floating bamboo floor planks are materials which are installed by clicking the various pieces together, to form a solid surface over the subfloor.

Laminate Flooring Information
An overview of laminate flooring information, including in depth instructions for care, cleaning, and use in a variety of commercial and residential applications.

Residential Rubber Flooring Tiles
Rubber flooring is a versatile material that is able to withstand the rigors of almost any environment. At the same time a lack of design options limits the decorative possibilities of these floors.

Terracotta Floor Tiles: An Overview
An in depth exploration of terracotta flooring tiles, how they are made, where they are used, and what decorative styles they work best with.

An Overview Of Natural Sandstone Flooring
Sandstone flooring is a lovey mountain born natural material that is available in numerous size and color tile options. However there are some drawbacks to it's usage in certain locations.

Natural Slate Floor Tile
A list of characteristics and information about natural mountain born slate tile flooring.

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