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Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)
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Composite vinyl tiles come in a number of different solid colors and terrazzo style patterns. This material is highly durable, and is often used in commercial, high traffic locations such as this grocery market.

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This has been a popular flooring material in Europe for over a century, and it is just now becoming popular in America. These tiles are created by combining vinyl resin with mineral dust filler. The result is an extremely hard, durable tile that is much more resilient long term than other options. The only drawback is that these tiles tend to be brittle, and if not installed on a completely smooth subfloor surface, even the tiniest specks of dirt or grit can cause them to crack under pressure over time.

VCT’s are available in a variety of solid colors and terrazzo style patterns. This material is homogenous, so scratches and gouges do not remove a printed surface layer. This is a popular material in both residential and commercial locations.

Installing Vinyl Sheet and Tile Floors

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