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Brick Flooring


Brick is an ancient construction material that has been used in the design of buildings for thousands of years. Tough, durable, and easy to care for, it is often used in exterior flooring applications and high traffic areas where the flooring has to be able to stand up to rough conditions, wear, and tear.

However brick can also be stylish and modern. In many homes brick floors are being installed in interior environments where they provide a sharp strength which focuses the design of the entire space. The following guide looks at the application of brick flooring pavers in a variety of spaces and situations.

  1. An Overview of Brick Flooring
  2. Environmentally Friendly Brick Tiles
  3. Cleaning and Maintaining Brick Floors

An Overview of Brick Flooring

a picture of a brick floor

These are general brick flooring articles that can help you decide whether this material is right for your home. It explains the different types of brick that are available, where it can, and cannot be used, how it has to be cared for, and some of its basic characteristics. Read these to get a general familiarity with brick flooring options before moving on to more specific topics.

Environmentally Friendly Brick Tiles

green brick pavers

Brick is made from all natural and renewable materials. It is durable, and does not require much maintenance or frequent replacement. However there are some environmental concerns about the manufacture and transport of this heavy flooring material.

Cleaning and Maintaining Brick Floors

interior brick flooring

Brick is a very durable and resistent material that can stand up to a lot of damage. It is resistant to impacts, and depending on how it is installed, in can work in both interior and exterior spaces. However there are a few things that can stain or discolor your brick. These articles discuss how to treat those stains, and methods for cleaning your flooring installations.

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