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Cork is a soft spongy flooring material that yields comfortably beneath your feet, creating a surface that is pleasurable to walk and stand on, even over long periods of time. It can be used in both residential and commercial applications, but it does require a certain amount of regular maintenance, and will have to be repaired or replaced periodically.

When deciding whether to choose cork as a flooring material, it is important to consider the space it will be installed in, as well as how that space will be used. The following guide explores the application of cork in a variety of environments, evaluating its appropriateness based on cleaning, repair, ecological factors and other measures.

  1. A Complete Guide To Natural Cork Floors
  2. Cleaning and Caring For Cork Tiles
  3. Cork Kitchen Tiles

A Complete Guide To Natural Cork Floors

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The natural look of this material, as well as its eco-friendly nature, is making cork a popular choice for architects and designers. Available in a variety of natural and stained colors, it can be used in almost any space, and matched to a variety of decorative styles.

These articles represent a beginner’s guide to cork flooring, providing a basic overview of what it is, how it is used, and what its benefits and drawbacks are. This is a good place to get general information about where cork can be used, and what precautions you have to consider.

Cleaning and Caring For Cork Tiles

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Cork requires annual sealing to protect tiles, but if applied properly, this should create a watertight barrier against liquids and stains. Otherwise the only regular maintenance will involve regular vacuuming and or sweeping up of loose dirt.

Cork Kitchen Tiles

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If properly cared for and maintained, cork can be a very comfortable and pleasing kitchen flooring option. But it will require some work to keep your tiles looking healthy. You also have to be aware of potential water damage from appliances unexpectedly flooding.

While many people who have had cork installed in their kitchens love it, others believe that it was a big mistake. We have reports of excited homeowners that delight in showing guests their spongy kitchen floors. But there are horror stories as well, tales of flood and warping ruining an entire installation.

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